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Ryan Muncy - Internet Viral Rumor 

Updated: December 2020



"I am in recovery, gainfully employed and it is my desire to give back for what was so freely given to me."

-Melissa Beasley

Proof that love, patience and perseverance
can make anyone bloom.

-Frederick Williams

"If you do a good job
they will be good to you."

-Carolyn Smith

“I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have faith, God and Goodwill in my life"

-Archie Gibbs

"When somebody finally
gives you an opportunity,
you take off with it."  

-Susan Webb

"My life changed. 
Everything changed."

- Ashley Adams


“I thank God every day for the opportunities [Goodwill has] given me.”

-Cherise Turner


Matthew Mengel

"I love helping my colleagues
get their work done."

- Matthew Mengel


Determined to
come out on top

- Justin Bell


Taking a Change
in Direction

- Katelyn Silas


Willingness to assist others

- Victoria Howard


Perseverance in the Face of Challenges

- Eddie Dean