Willingness to assist others

Victoria Howard Thumbnail | Goodwill Corporate

Victoria Howard had been unemployed for a year and a half when a Goodwill Job ConnectionSM facilitator noticed her willingness to work and assist others.

The day after Howard was laid off in November of 2011 she began her job search at the library—each and every morning—using public resources to look for work.  Howard was unaware of the free resources offered by Goodwill to the public until a few months later, when her pastor encouraged her to visit the Job Connection in Eatonton.  Howard says that she didn’t see a need to go since she already had established a routine at the library, but she gave it a try to ensure all bases were covered.

At the Job Connection, Howard soon got to know the staff and career facilitators as they recognized her eagerness to assist others seeking work. 

Other Job Connection clients frequently sought Howard for direction, and she readily provided assistance with use of the computers or correct wording for job applications.  The Job Connection and Goodwill Staffing Services team noticed her willingness to aid others and asked Howard to serve as a volunteer. 

Volunteering and getting to know the staff was the turning point for Howard. When a Job Connection employee went out on medical leave, the only person Goodwill Staffing Services called was Howard. 

This was the first in a string of temporary positions. From working as a seasonal employee for Lowe’s to serving as a Human Resources administrator at Reynolds Plantation, Howard held a wide range of responsibilities. “Victoria took all temporary positions offered to her, even ones presented at a moment’s notice,” said Job Connection Facilitator Cecilia Cadle.  

“I was so grateful every time Goodwill called and offered me a job assignment and to have a regular paycheck coming in,” Howard said.  Her last temporary position was in March 2013 at Haband. What started as a one-week stint turned into three weeks, and then into permanent placement. 

Howard said she is thankful for her job at Haband and the ability it gives her to plan for her future. In addition to working, Victoria also attends classes in Milledgeville at Georgia Military College in pursuit of a nursing degree to create a better life for herself and her children.

Now happily employed, Victoria offers advice for other job seekers. “Use all of the resources available to the public, including registering at the Job Connection,” she said.  “Make a connection with the staff so that they can get to know your name and your face.  That way you are the first person who comes to mind when work becomes available.”