Goodwill Shares the Real Scoop on Gelato with Local Celebrities

Gelato | Goodwill Corporate

Photo: Pictured left to right:  Walter Eubanks, Alex Wier, Amelia McDougal representing the Friends of Frances organization.

Goodwill helps local nonprofits raise money at Hire Grounds Café

[AUGUSTA] – Goodwill’s Hire Grounds doesn’t simply specialize in gourmet coffees, smoothies, paninis, salads, and fresh-baked desserts. It now is serving gelato.

On Thursday, September 20th, Goodwill hosted a “Celebrity Scooper” event  to kick off the announcement. During the hours of 11 am until 6 pm, seven local nonprofits accepted tips to help raise money for their charities.  The Celebrity Scoopers came from the following organizations: Press On, Savannah River Keeper, Safe Homes of Augusta, Friends of Frances, Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club of Augusta and the Junior League of Augusta.

“Goodwill believes in giving back to the community and being a true partner. This fun event not only cooled you down during our hot weather streak – but also helped raise money for some wonderful charities in our community,” said James K. Stiff, President of Goodwill of Middle Georgia and the CSRA.

Why not ice cream? The delicious Italian gelato contains less fat than traditional ice cream because it’s made with more milk than cream. Ice cream has anywhere from 10% to 17% milk fat, while gelato only contains between 3% to 8% milk fat. The gelato is made right on the premises with the help of Chef Peter Vossenberg from Edgar’s Grille.

Gelato is known for its very smooth, melt in your mouth texture. It also has a more vibrant taste than traditional ice cream. Those are a few of the reasons – why not ice cream!

Hire Grounds also offers Edgar’s to Go, delicious casseroles and sides, prepared by the experienced chefs at Edgar’s Grille.

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