"When somebody finally gives you an opportunity, you take off with it." -Susan Webb

Susan Webb - Success Story | Goodwill Corporate

Battered and homeless, Susan Webb lived on the streets of Dublin, Ga.  Every night, after stashing her three children in different homes, she slept on grass and park benches.  She was clenched by hopelessness and fear. “I had nowhere to go. All my doors were closed.” 

Five years later, Webb still gets emotional talking about the moment those doors opened through Working Solutions, a program of Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA that helps homeless people become self-sufficient through employment.

“I broke down and cried. I knew God was moving in my life,” she says, describing the moment she was hired at Goodwill’s retail store in Dublin. 

“I used to hate facing another day.  Not I’m glad to wake up every day, just to come to work, to have a job.” 

Webb, 42, learned about Working Solutions while living with her children in a shelter for abused women, where the four eventually took refuge after their time on the streets.

She credits her caseworker with giving her the encouragement she needed to complete the program and find a job.  For nearly 5 years, Webb has worked full-time at the store, hanging and stocking merchandise.  Supervisors describe her as dependable, hard-working and focused. 

“I couldn’t get work; nobody wanted to give me a job.  When somebody finally gives you an opportunity, you take off with it.  I know I did.”

Buoyed by the confidence and steady income her job provides, Webb recently bought a car and moved into a low-income apartment, the first safe and stable home of her children’s lives. 

With the help of the woman’s shelter and her earnings at Goodwill, she and her children have beds, a TV and a washer and dryer.  “It’s stability for me and my children,” she says.

“I’ve actually built myself up.  It’s all Goodwill and God.”