Charquala Andrews - Reynolds Plantation, Steward

Charquala Andrews | Goodwill Corporate

Charquala Andrews had little to no experience and 3 children to care for making it difficult to look for work.  Through Goodwill Staffing Services Hospitality Training, Andrews qualified for a position at Reynolds Plantation.

“I was struggling to find a job and I was finding myself falling into debt trying to pay bills and take care of my children with no income. I came into Goodwill Staffing and The Job Connection and they were able to assist me. They placed me at Reynolds Plantation and now I have been transitioned as a permanent full time employee. Now I have the means to pay my bills and provide for my children. Thank you, Goodwill Staffing and Job Connection for the assistance. I would recommend all your services to friends and family within the community.”

AbilityOne Spotlight

Terry Frye - Vocational Rehabilitation

Terry Frye 200x300 | Goodwill Corporate

Terry Frye served in the National Guard from 1979-1990 and received an honorable discharge at the rank of Sergeant. Because of stage 4 renal failure and kidney transplants in 1991 and 2011, Frye had trouble standing for long periods of time which led to his underemployment.

When Frye came to Good Vocations in November of 2015, his goal was to become team leader.  After just 6 months on the job, he made that goal a reality with a promotion.

“I have always been a positive person believing that it’s going to be all right.  We were behind on everything – house, truck, car – but this Good Vocations job has given us the chance to make it right again.  In six months everything has changed because of Goodwill.”

Aiken SNAP2Work Spotlight

The most recent SNAP2Work training class in Logistics

75% exam pass pass rate for Certified Logistics Associate (CLA)

100% exam pass rate for the Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)

The Job Connection Spotlights

Adam Jackson - Reynolds Plantation, Steward

Adam Jackson | Goodwill Corporate

“I came into Goodwill JC and Staffing Services honestly not expecting to get any results. I had been struggling to find a stable job for a few years. Bills began to pile up on me and I couldn’t keep a phone on to receive calls for possible job leads. After I came into Goodwill and attended a few workshops on resume building and getting a job, they were able to place me in a position at Reynolds Plantation. I am now a full-time employee there and can keep my phone on, decrease the debt I had gotten in, and even invest in other things I need to better take care of myself. Thank you Goodwill Staffing and JC for the services you have provided me!”

Marsha Hurkes, Judy Hancock, and Richard Lanier, Jr.

Marsha Judy and Richard | Goodwill Corporate

Marsha Hurkes, Judy Hancock, and Richard Lanier, Jr. are the members of Aiken’s SNAP2Work Program’s latest Workplace Skills Training class.  These individuals completed four days of intense training in career exploration, skills identification, communication skills, professionalism, attendance, attitude, respect, teamwork, networking, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, proper dress and presentation, and ethics.  Each of these individuals were in need of these soft skills in order to prepare them to re-enter the competitive workforce.  They all have unique barriers and situations that have made finding employment difficult, including advanced age, lack of significant work history, past domestic violence survival, chronic unemployment, and learning disabilities, to name just a few.  Each of these individuals are just starting their journey through the SNAP2Work Program and they are now preparing to enter our Customer Service and Sales or Logistics training programs.  Each of these individuals were diligent in their attendance and participation in Workplace Skills training and have expressed that they look forward to attending the industry-recognized credential training of their choice.

Marsha Hurkes recently obtained employment at Crossmark as an event specialist and is assigned to the Sam’s Club in Aiken, SC.

Judy Hancock obtained her GED through a partnership between the Aiken Job Connection and Aiken County Public Schools.  Ms. Hancock attended GED classes at the Aiken Job Connection for about two years before finally reaching her goal just before enrolling in the SNAP2Work Program to obtain training and receive assistance with obtaining employment with ResCare, as a caregiver.

Debra Henderson - Walmart, Retail Associate

Debra Henderson | Goodwill Corporate

Debra Henderson came into the Warner Robins Job Connection desperate for work. Henderson struggled with family life including five moves and two break-ins, as well as a lack of computer skills and not enough hours at previous jobs.  But Henderson didn't give up; she was determined to find employment.  At The Job Connection she took workshops for Computer Skills, Job Searching, and Resume Buildling, leading to her current position with Walmart.

"Upon finding [Goodwill's Job Connection], one certain staff memeber, Mireya Reodriguez, has helped me all the way.  She helped me with my job search and creating a resume.  She opened up a new world for me which I could not have done on my own.  She has been so nice and patient with me and I highly recommend [The Job Connection]."

De'Eric Lowery - Dollar General, Store Manager

DeEric Lowery 200x300 | Goodwill Corporate

Underemployed and looking for a better opportunity, De’Eric Lowery sought assistance at the unemployment office in Lake Oconee.  There he stumbled upon “on the spot” interviews recruiting for the Lake Oconee Goodwill Retail store.  Goodwill Human Resources staff asked Lowery if he was interested in completing an application and Lowery was soon hired as an Assistant Retail Manager with a bright future ahead.

“I came into Goodwill as an Assistant Retail manager. After I had my child, I needed to make a higher wage in order to support my family of five. A position within The Job Connection became available and I saw an opportunity to increase my knowledge and skill set in Career Services and Customer Service through hands-on training and online Nish Academy training courses provided through Goodwill. After working in retail, I accepted the opportunity in The Job Connection. It was here that I was able to become not only a better individual, but also a better candidate for leadership positions elsewhere in the workforce. I was also able to further develop my retail experience and knowledge through the Careers in Retail Training Certification. This training will definitely be of value to me in my transition to Store Manager within Dollar General.  I thank Goodwill, The Job Connection, and Goodwill Staffing Services for the assistance, service, training and development, and allowing me to be a part of two departments in the Goodwill family and assisting me to progress in my career goals!”

Gregory White - Lamar Eaton Concrete, Construction Worker

Gregory White | Goodwill Corporate

Gregory White has a past with a record of incarceration and employers unwilling to grant him an opportunity to work.  Upon coming to The Job Connection in Lake Oconee, White took multiple workshops including Get-a-Job, Resume Writing, Interview Process, and Manufacturing.  White consistently called and kept in touch with The Job Connection staff looking for any opportunity. When Goodwill Staffing Services was able to find him temporary assignments, White was always willing to go. Recently White finally found permanent employment as a construction worker and is now able to provide for his 4 children.

“For [months], I had been struggling to find stable employment given my history. I came into The Goodwill Job Connection and Staffing looking for assistance. They were able to assist me with my resume and presenting myself for interviews. Now I am currently working as a construction worker full- time and able to provide for my family. Thank you Goodwill Job Connection and Staffing for all you’ve done.”

Jasmine Smith - Reynolds Plantation, Steward

Jasmine Smith | Goodwill Corporate

“I came into Goodwill Services and Job Connection looking for assistance in job searching. I was a Patient Care Assistant (PCA) but wasn’t getting enough hours to provide for me and my children. After coming in, they were able to find me employment. I now work full time making the money I need to gain financial stability for me and my children. Thank you GSS and The Job Connection for all you have done.”

Kierra Hill - Housekeeper, Reynolds Plantation

Kierra Hill | Goodwill Corporate

“I came into Goodwill Job Connection and Staffing Services in 2015 seeking to find a stable full-time position. I went through several different jobs that didn’t work out for me. They were patient with me and continued to work with me in finding me a suitable position. Finally, on April 25th, 2016, I was offered a housekeeping position with Reynolds Plantation. This position began as part time and I have transitioned into a full-time employee. At this time, I would like to thank The Goodwill JC and Staffing Services for their hard work, dedication, determination and for believing in me!”

Brittany Frazier - Deli Associate, Walmart

Brittany Frazier | Goodwill Corporate

Brittany Frazier struggled with patience and self-control and came to Vocational Rehabilitation for help. Through STEP for Success and Careers in Retail programs she learned to adapt to new situations, earned her National Retail Federation Certification and is now employed as a Deli Associate at Walmart. "Goodwill gave me the motivation and determination to set goals and accomplish more in my life!"

Vocational Rehabilitation STEP for Success

Patrick Holmes - Loader, Lowe's

Patrick Holmes | Goodwill Corporate

Patrick Holmes came to the STEP for Success program lacking social skills and vocational skills.  He had never been employed so everything was new for him.  Once Patrick became comfortable with his surroundings, he became the “go-to” person in the classroom and in work training. Patrick now has no problems communicating and he has proven that he is a hard worker who is determined to do a great job! He is a go-getter and his work ethic is extraordinary.  He lends a helping hand when needed and he always has a positive attitude that rubs off on every one he encounters. Patrick began working at Lowe's in Augusta on February 13, 2016 as a Loader making $11.44 per hour and he is doing a great job!  He is very appreciative to Goodwill and the STEP for Success program for helping him learn the skills that he needs to be a successful employee.

Marquis Hunt - Walgreens

Marquis Hunt | Goodwill Corporate

Marquis came to Goodwill on a Work Adjustment assignment in June 2015.  After completing the work adjustment he was referred by his Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to the STEP for Success program. Marquis had previous work experience but he struggled with concentrating and social skills. He seemed very shy and did not initiate conversation with anyone.  Now Marquis will talk, make eye contact, and he has also established good relationships with his peers. Marquis is very diligent.  He would complete 2-3 job applications during every class day and he proved that he was determined to get employed.  Through dedication and hard work Marquis is now employed at Walgreens on Peach Orchard Road in Augusta earning $9.00 per hour. He is very excited to be working and he is very appreciative to Goodwill for all that it has done for him.

Kaitlin Allie - Lawn & Garden Customer Service Representative, Lowe's

Kaitlin Allie | Goodwill Corporate

Kaitlin Allie came to Goodwill on a Work Adjustment back in August 2015.  She was later referred by her Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to the STEP for Success program to work on bettering her social skills and to learn how to work with others.  Kaitlin has a bubbly personality and she is very eager to learn. Kaitlin is an ideal success story because she is very persistent.  Kaitlin had applied for more than 30 jobs and participated in at least 5 interviews with no luck in landing a position.  She became very discouraged and wondered if she was going to ever get a job. Through encouragement from her family and Case Manager, Kaitlin picked herself up and continued her journey to find employment.  Kaitlin is now employed at Lowe's in Evans as an Outside Lawn and Garden Customer Service Representative, making $10.44 per hour.  Kaitlin is thrilled to be working and per her managers at Lowe's she is doing a really good job!

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