"I love helping my colleagues get their work done." - Matthew Mengel

Matthew Mengel - Photo | Goodwill Corporate

Matthew Mengel says he used to do many janitorial jobs, but lost his most recent job due to staff cuts.  He said was introduced to Good Vocations, an affiliate of Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia, and one week later he had a job.

With a big bright smile that lights up a room, Matthew’s co-workers describe him as friendly, eager to help, and having a good personality and great attitude.  He smiles when he says how proud his parents are that he has a good job. Despite having a physical disability, Matthew earned a Certificate of Appreciation from the Robins Air Force building chief, Danny Singleton, based on great attitude and strong work ethic.  His supervisors say that he is always respectful and an excellent worker who receives only compliments from others.  Charlie Lowe, Matthew’s supervisor says, “Matt is very friendly and always well mannered.  He is on time to work, and in three years he has only missed three working days.”

Matthew loves working in the Good Vocations program at Robins Air Force Base, and his favorite things to do are stocking and helping his colleagues get their work done.   He looks forward to coming to work and learns something new every day.  “But mostly,” Matthew says, “I enjoy the people here.  I like getting to know them all.  They are really nice to work with and they take the time to explain things.”