Perseverance in the Face of Challenges

Eddie Dean Aug 2015 | Goodwill Corporate

Since getting a taste of vocational education, Eddie Dean has demonstrated quite an appetite.

He’s earned a diploma in heating and air systems technology, and now plans to study electrical systems in hopes of putting those skills to work on behalf of Goodwill.

Giving back to Goodwill would take him full circle to 2008, when Dean’s probation officer suggested he volunteer to assist with finding a job. Through assistance from the Vocational Rehabilitation program, Dean started by processing clothes in retail and soon found a paying position washing dishes at Edgar’s Bistro.

“I needed a job,” Dean said. “(Goodwill) helped out a lot.” Dean later moved into a position in custodial services at Goodwill’s main Macon campus, working in various positions and receiving exposure and experience in different career paths along the way and has since then been made a Maintenance Technician. Dean now has a part in making sure all Middle Georgia Goodwill facilities are in good working order.

Dean says he is thankful for the continued support of his family, and for the flexibility Goodwill has provided as he’s attended technical school to learn new skills. He’s especially grateful for the employment that has helped him turn his life around and provide for his everyday inspiration - his baby boy.

Comparing life today to life before he discovered Goodwill’s career services, Eddie has noticed a big difference. He says that he now has a better work ethic and that this is the longest he has ever been with a single company. 

He highly recommends Goodwill’s career services to those who likewise need a new direction. Most of all, he suggests perseverance in the face of challenges.

“If you stick with what you’re doing and stay persistent with it, no matter what you’ve been through or where you’re at in life, you can accomplish what you’re trying to do”, Eddie says.