Senior Leadership Team

Tim Ligon

Chief Financial Officer

Gary Markowitz

Sr. Vice President of Education

Tripp Harrison

Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Development

Laine Dreher

Vice-President of Human Resources

Veronica Miller

Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Development

Susan Dunseth

Vice President of Career Services

DeWayne Cuffie

Vice President of Retail Operations


Al Stewart

Director of Mission Business Development & Government Affairs

Laurie Tharpe

Director of Finance

Carrie Edwards

Director of Workforce Development

Lonnica Maxwell

Director of Employer Partnerships

Chris Finley

Director of Contract Services

Paul Bao

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Christine Butler

Director of Donated Goods

Renee Fielder

Director of Purchasing

Ellen Harper

Director of Executive Affairs

Sandra May

Director of Financial Aid

Jack Flowers

Vice President of Contract Services

Scott Hughes

Vice President of Information Technology

Johnnetta Anderson

Director of Quality/Compliance

Elena Felipe-Valera

Director of Education


Kathleen Vossenberg

Director of Culinary Education

Vicki Mills

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kristin Hansen

Director of Career Services

Wendy Thompson

Director of Development