Helms College Equipping Students to Fill the Gap in Middle-Skill Labor Shortage

(AUGUSTA Ga) - A report released last week by the Southern Regional Education Board affirms the value of Helms College’s model of providing a solid knowledge base with experiential learning opportunities to equip students to fill an ever-increasing number of middle-skills jobs. With campuses in Macon and Augusta, Helms College is a private, independent postsecondary career school sponsored by Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia, Inc. and is licensed by the Georgia Non-Public Post-Secondary Education Commission.

“Our robust economy is facing critical middle-skills labor shortages,” said Jim Stiff, president of Helms College, which offers accredited programs in hospitality and health services. “Southern states are especially challenged by a shortage of qualified people to fill vacant jobs in growing economies. Helms College is equipping students to fill high demand occupations that will keep enterprise growing and people advancing on career paths leveraging a bigger slice of the American dream.” 

The National Skills Coalition says vacancy in middle-skill jobs is the greatest emerging threat to the economies in Southern states. With more than 1,000 graduates since 2011, Helms College just welcomed its largest incoming class ever. When students graduate, they will be prepared to step into those vacancies.

Helms College is uniquely poised to serve human and economic development opportunities with specialized, effective case management services for students, academic classroom rigor, and applied learning both on and off campus. Edgar’s Hospitality Group provides restaurant, event and catering experiential learning opportunities for students of both Helms College Hospitality Schools. The two program paths in the School of Health Services prepare students for hands-on patient care or medical coding in an industry expected to grow faster than any other. When students are ready to step into their new careers, Goodwill’s Job Connections support students in their employment search.

“Many Helms College graduates receive multiple job offers.,” Stiff said. “They often have their pick of opportunities because our students are able to demonstrate and apply the skills employers seek. Our faculty is world-class, and we are graduating students that are well prepared to embark on successful high-demand careers.”