Tips for Job Seekers

Career3 | Goodwill Corporate

In today's competitive job market, it is imperative you present yourself in the best possible light. Whether pursuing a new career or a new position with your present employer, getting the job you want starts long before the interview begins.

DRESS THE PART. When dressing for the day's activities, whether going to the office, the market, or even the gym, take time to give yourself a second look to assure that your appearance conveys the perception you wish to convey. You never know who you may meet or what opportunity may knock while you are out.

TALK THE TALK. Be a motivator to yourself and those around you. Become a fan of friends and co-workers. Call attention to positive traits they have and share what's going right in your world. Congratulate others for a job well done and don't forget to give yourself some credit where credit is due.

SHOW INTEREST. Make eye contact and actively listen. Rephrase and clarify. Be mindful of the questions you ask, making them pertinent to the topic at hand. This shows sincerity and respect. In a hurried society, people remember others who take time to make them feel they are truly heard.

NETWORK. Whether searching for a potential client or seeking referrals for your next employment opportunity, a friend of a friend may be the perfect link to a great introduction. Be ready with your own 30-second sales pitch that quickly conveys your attitude, personality, and strengths. Listen for ways you can help others. They may be able to return the favor.

FOLLOW UP. You have heard the old saying, "Say what you mean and mean what you say." This is never more true than in the area of following up with people. Whether in customer service or a job search, do not say or promise things you cannot deliver. Return calls when promised. Deliver on deadline. Be confident in yourself and your capabilities, but stay true to yourself when selling your capabilities to others.

BE PROACTIVE. Develop an open mind. Communicate your desire to learn. When in doubt, ask questions. Be a team player. Stay alert and stay positive. Being ready for an opportunity when it happens will put you one step ahead of the pack in your career and in life.